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Adopt an optimal  API development workflow

Find all necessary tools in a unique workspace to optimize the workflow stages - from design and document to test and monitor

Focus on the fun part of development ...

and let us help you with the boring stuff

  • OpenAPI (aka Swagger) documentation editor & hosting
  • Remote REST client synchronized documentation
  • Scenarios builder from requests
  • Automated tests / CI support
  • API health monitoring
  • Team collaboration
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Business speaking ...

cut costs and gain competitive advantage

  • No infrastructure needed
  • Set up in minutes, not in days
  • No extra overhead expenditure
  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Reliable control over team projects

Meet our core team


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Lukáš Hykl

CEO / Co-founder

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Jan Galgonek

CFO / Co-founder

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Tech leader with strong computer science background, fanatic chilli grover, tropical fish breeder and glider pilot wannabe.

Karel Jakubec

CTO / developer

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Developer, bleeding edge technology enthusiast in programming, Muay Thai boxer, powerlifter striving for a world of compassion in spare time.

Juraj Hrib


What our customers say

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Ability to tweak every aspect of the request as well as Apiwatcher's powerful scenario builder allow us to create and run complex test cases. Thanks to Apiwatcher's notifications that are visible in our communication tool no one misses out any important events regarding our endpoints.
ApiWatcher helps us have complete control over every important endpoint in our platform. Thanks to the tools for importing from documentation we have been set up in no time and without any problems whatsoever.

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  • Free projects
  • Free single team member
  • Remote REST client
  • Scenarios builder
  • API documentation hosting
  • Automated tests / CI support
  • API health monitoring
  • $1 per every 10k monitor calls
  • Premium support
  • Annual billing

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$ 199 /mo

  • Custom price per project
  • Custom price per team member
  • Remote REST client
  • Scenarios builder
  • API documentation hosting
  • Automated tests / CI support
  • API health monitoring
  • Custom price per monitor call
  • Premium support
  • Annual billing

Prices are without TAX and charged per month.

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